- What is  "ll"?

- "ll" and "" - these are two mantras. You should practice them independently. Pronounce one of them at the INHALE, as if you are whispering, with no voice. My favourite is 'TAO' :-)  Enjoy...




International Meditation

Bring your Love to the Earth


Dalia goes to Sonehenge (the UK) for a conscious breathing meditation at the moment of down in vernal equinox day  (March 21-th, 2009, about 6.19 am). That moment sumbolize a victory of a Light over Darkness. When you consciously meet Sun at that moment, you breath in the energy and power of that Victory and fill with it your body and all your structures. Also it is connected with your Love to yourself. Sun is a sumbol of a consciousness. People who are in harmony with the Sun, always respect themselves. The more you feel respect to yourself, the more your create Love and respect to the very core of your Soul, your Spirit, your Creative Cource.


Would you like to join us and our friends around the World? Breath consciously, find the most important quality of your being,  your Love, Peace, Harmony, find also some unique flavour of your being. With your breath send it as a gift to the Earth.  Our Planet enters now a period of big changes, like a Woman, who will soon give birth to a child, and so She needs Love and support.  You send your Love and Gratitude to the Earth. And you feel through your soles that the Earth receives your gift and sends Her gratitude back to you.


Contact us at luba.bogdanova@gmail.com 


Bored in Moscow? Bored in your life? Join us for dancing, drawing, singing, breathing, meditating and celebrating Life!



Amazing photo pictures  from our travels around the Earth, our inspiring seminars and festivals! Welcome here!



Breath and Breathing

We are so happy to learn from the world famous teacher of conscious breathing Dan Brule (www.breathmastery.com). We organize his tours to CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other places where people invite him).  He usually comes to us twice a year. You can also practice breathing techniques in groups and/or individually with our experienced breathworkers. Contact Luba Bogdanova




Feng Shui Studio

Unique gifts will be made on your order. Bring harmony to your space: candelholders and lamps - symbols of elements and Ba Gua,   pillows with the hieroglyphs of animals symbolizing year of birth (up to four couples of hieroglyphs including date and time of birth),  wooden stool for vipassana meditation, modular balls - soft toys. All the items are works of authorship. Order time - one to 14 days. Please see our catalogue here...


Contact Luba Bogdanova:   allatao@mail.ru , allatao@gmail.com  +7 (495) 318-85-18 , +7 (916) 952-03-71